Nickel Brook's Uncertainty Principle NO5 - Barrel-Aged Golden Sour with Elderberries and Plums

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Uncertainty Principle No. 5

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Barrel-Aged Golden Sour matured on Elderberries & Plums

Funk Lab 2019 Series Release Number 10
Something beautiful has surfaced from the Nickel Brook Cellar - pouring a delightfully deep burgundy, and kissed with an elegant pink hued head, it's almost a shame to consume. Uncertainty Principle 5 is a Barrel-Aged Golden Sour that matured on Elderberries & Plums. The aroma gushes with notes of oranges, berries, and a pleasant touch of cinnamon. As it hits your tongue a lush smoothness spreads over your taste buds and notes of plum and elderberry reverberate throughout, leading to a refreshing tart finish. This tannic beauty is best enjoyed next to a crackling fire, and shared amongst your favourite people.
Food Pairings: Beef Bourguignon. Seared meat and fork-tender vegetables simmered in a rich sauce. 
500mL Bottle | ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 3
Recommended Glassware: Brandy GlassSommelier Glass, Wine Glass