Florida Forensics - Blood Orange Table Beer brewed by Nickel Brook

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Florida Forensics

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Blood Orange Table Beer

Release NO. 9

Florida Forensics is a crushable brew that tips its cap to the end of Summer and welcomes the transition into Autumn. It pours a hazy orange colour with a mild rose-pink hue, and an effervescent head. This Belgian-Style Table Beer was aged on Blood Orange juice and Zest to create a wonderfully bright aroma and vibrant notes of fresh orange peel. Beautiful esters roll off the tongue with modest amounts of tartness, leading towards the pleasant amalgamation of sweet orange and tart citrus. Pairs well with Fall hikes, sweater weather, and warming cheese fondue.

500mL Bottle | ABV: 3.5%
Recommended Glassware: Brandy GlassSommelier GlassChalice