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Brett's Yer Uncle

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Brett Dry-Hopped Sour

Funk Lab 2019 Series Release Number 9
 We all have them in our families, the uncle who always has a beer in his hand and refuses to grow up. You may know him as Uncle Bob, but we call him Drunkle Brett. Brett's Yer Uncle is a Dry-hopped sour that when consumed will give you an instant mullet, and transfer you back to the '80s. 
This vibrant animal print beauty is all business in the front, and pure party in the back. Pouring a gnarly shade of yellow, its aroma bursts with notes of fresh berries. The zing of the lactic sourness combines radically with the notes of mango and papaya like a fresh pair of Zebra print pants. Pairs best with Lynyrd Skynyrd cranked to 11, and a perfectly nuked pizza from the night before. Get'r into ya. 
500mL Bottle | ABV: 5% | IBU: 0
Recommended Glassware: Sommelier Glass