Blind Pig Gin Barrel Aged Gose - Nickel Brook Funk Lab Series 2019

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Blind Pig

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Gin Barrel Aged Gose

Funk Lab 2019 Series Release Number 6
Named after the infamous speakeasies during the Prohibition era, Blind Pig is an ode to the gin generation. Patiently aged in oak gin barrels for six months, the delicate botanical flavours harmonize perfectly with our refreshing Gose. You'll pick up bright aromas of ginger and juniper, flanked by a touch of oak and the zest of freshly ripened citrus. As you take a sip, your mouth will dance with flavours of cardamon, coriander seeds and juicy fruity notes of orris root and juniper.

Pairs well with cedar plank Salmon and a side of fresh tabbouleh. Grab a bottle of this giggle water before the fuzz find us!

500mL Bottle | ABV: 7% | IBU: 0

Recommended Glassware: Sommelier Glass