Uncertainty Principe No. 2 - 2 Year old Barrel Sour with mixed fermentation from Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Uncertainty Principle NO. 2

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Barrel Aged Sour - 2 Years

Release No. 8
Uncertainty Principle No. 2 is a 2 year barrel aged golden sour in 3rd use whisky barrels. It has a blend of different yeasts including Brett D and St. Remy Abbey blend. A small amount of Uncertainty Principle No. 1 was blended in, and then we aged the whole thing on Niagara Sour Montmorency cherries for an additional 4 weeks to achieve a uniquely complex and delicious character. Pouring a beautiful rose colour, the aroma bursts with notes of oak, cherry, dark fruit, blackberries, and dates. Pleasantly funky flavours of Cherry brandy-esq cola are greeted with a mildly sour and crisp finish. Overall, it is a complex, yet deliciously fruity brew that is sure to please the beer scientist within.
500mL Bottle | ABV: 5.9%
Recommended Glassware: Brandy GlassSommelier GlassChalice